As organisations strive to make better use of digital technologies, including the cloud, mobile and big data, their fortunes are now tied, more than ever, to a robust core network architecture that offers true reliability, redundancy and reach.

Gone are the days when CIOs had to make judgements in trying to predict what their data network needs might be in the future. Today the question is which network solutions provider to choose that takes care of the future for them.

Australia’s vast size and remoteness has meant for organisations trying to do business throughout the country, and indeed, connect with overseas markets, the task has been beset by complexity, high costs, and uncertainty. Likewise, the task of creating reliable links connecting the various branches and locations spread throughout the country is often far from simple.

But in today’s super-fast digital economy it absolutely needs to be simple.

Now more than ever companies need a reliable network that is as robust as it is agile and flexible, providing proper business certainty as well as room and scope to adapt and innovate as markets and economies undergo rapid digital transformation.

That’s why we have committed to continual innovation and investment in our own core customer network, so that businesses can focus on what you need to do to succeed in your market.  

So, what have we done?

Brennan IT is terminating internet or three border routers in both Sydney and Melbourne, providing high-capacity IP transit core network for internet access, while using two major transit carriers from each city. This has allowed us to deliver dual multi-homing internet services. And we’re also upgrading our border routers, while providing true redundancy via two data centres in Sydney and Melbourne.

In addition, Brennan is peering with Australian network solutions provider Megaport, which exchanges state-based national routes with a diverse list of Megaport IX customers.  

We’re also peering – in Sydney and Melbourne – with several public cloud providers including:

Because there are different applications and workloads living in different clouds, being able to maintain fast and secure network connections to all of them is important for business as they continue to seek further efficiency in storing and accessing data.

We are also developing SD-WAN capability which will be made available within the next 12 months. We are working towards delivering a solid, reliable and cost effective solution that will add value to our customers by bringing flexibility, cost savings and business-grade performance for the right locations with the right requirements. SD-WAN capability has been a very popular topic in the market, with a broad solution yet to be fully developed. Brennan IT will bring this to reality, so watch this space.  

For further information call one of our certified network engineers to understand what these network upgrades mean for your organisation or get a consultation here. Look out for our second article in the series ‘Cloud Provider Cross Connects’.