Australia hosts some of the finest technology conferences in the world, both for a general audience, the consumer, and then there is a startling range of conferences that are tailored towards specific verticals.

Most of these conferences do take place in either Sydney or Melbourne, as Australia’s largest two cities, but for IT professionals in other states they are still worth the trip, as the ability to network, share information and hear about innovation straight from the horse’s mouth can’t be underestimated.

Below are five of the major tech conferences across both enterprise and consumer that any IT professional who is keen on keeping up to date with the moments of the industry should be attending.


(Melbourne, April 21-22)

As one of the largest technology conferences in Melbourne, Connect is a critical convention that brings together all tiers of technology vendors and consumers, as well as government and investment alike, and provides them with the opportunity to network and share ideas and innovation on how creative IT solutions can sold real world problems. The convention is well known for pulling together an impressive range of both international and local speakers, too, giving delegates an insight into innovation on a global scale, and how it might apply to Australian conditions.

ICT 2015

(Sydney, April 27-29)

Given the ever-greater role that telecommunications is playing in the Australian business landscape, being across the innovations in the space is in the best interests of every IT professional. The goal of the ICT conference is quite technical; it brings together researchers and academics to share their thoughts on the telecommunications industry and its continued development, but at the same time it’s a hotbed of ideas such that it draws people from government and industry as well.


(Sydney, May 5-7)

CeBIT is by far Australia’s largest tech event, and it annually sees audiences of more than 20,000 people attend. With 81 per cent of Australia’s largest 200 companies coming along CeBIT is a true who’s who of technology, and with over 450 exhibitors, it’s an opportunity to really see how the latest innovations in technology can enhance both business and personal life. Workshops and presentations from global speakers help round out a massive event that invariably both inspires and entertains.

Gartner Symposium/ ITexpo

(Gold Coast, 26-29 October)

The Gartner Symposium is one of the largest events for the year for the Gold Coast, and traditionally it offers a robust agenda across a wide range of technology issues. Designed to target senior IT decision makers and CIOs, the conversations that the Symposium  encourages are high level and enterprise focused – highlighting equally the applications of various technologies and concepts as much as individual examples of technology innovation.

YOW! Conference

(Melbourne, 3-4 December; Brisbane, 7-8 December; Sydney, 10-11 December)

For software developers, YOW! is the conference to attend, as it mixes informative lectures focused entirely on the local development scene, along with a showcase of the best local talent. The workshops and presentations cover everything from app development to enterprise software, Big Data to user interfaces. With software development rapidly becoming a critical skill for any IT professional to have, attending a conference such as this one should prove of immense interest and value to most in the industry.