At Brennan IT, we understand that people are the backbone of your organisation – and that it’s paramount for the technology and systems they rely on to keep them connected and productive, empowering them to thrive, wherever they are working. That’s why we’re passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences for our clients every day.

Our continued investment in people, innovation and automation, industry alignment and deepening technical and security expertise to better service our clients across the full technology stack required to deliver their desired business outcomes, is reflected in our world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) rating of +83 received from our clients.

As the Australian business landscape continues to change, clients are telling us they need a trusted, mature, agile, and flexible Managed Services Provider with extensive knowledge, that will assist in navigating the complexities of rapidly evolving technology, increasing security threats, a borderless workforce, all while maintaining a competitive edge.

Brennan IT’s ability to deliver across these core requirements is why we’re the Managed Service Provider of choice for mid-market and enterprise clients such as Aurizon, Audi VW, McDonald’s, mycar, HammondCare, EISS Super, Wellways, Ingham’s, and Heart Foundation to name a few.

We measure all interactions with our clients through quarterly surveys and ad-hoc point-in-time surveys, ensuring we get the most accurate rating. Our clients’ satisfaction means everything to us, with our Brennan IT teams sharing company-wide KPIs that are directly linked to your satisfaction – if you’re not happy, neither are we.

To experience Managed Services the way it’s meant to be,  get in touch with us today.