Self-Service Portal

Through our Self-Service Portal, you can see what’s happening,
how we’re performing, and make changes to the services
you’re receiving with the click of a button.


At Brennan IT, we believe that you should always be in control of what’s going on in your organisation and that only through complete transparency comes trust.

That’s why we’ve developed our industry-leading and award-winning Self-Service Portal. Full of clever automation, self-service functionality, live dashboards, libraries, patches, real-time Net Promoter Scores, Service Level Agreement performance, and much, much more – you’ve always got the complete picture (and control).

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Control & Transparency

Brennan IT’s Self-Service Portal is a unified, user-friendly place that makes IT management easier. Experience greater visibility of various statuses and the level of service you’re receiving at any time, in realtime.

Through this, we can dramatically reduce the time it takes to process provisioning requests, conduct day-to-day tasks, and ensure that the onboarding experience for new users is pain-free.

Our portal is for every user in your organisation, not just the IT or senior leadership team, so start using it today to make your lives simpler and get time back to focus on the things that will make a difference to your organisation.



Task Visibility

See what’s happening with your IT issues and requests, right across your business. This includes all hardware, software and support issues managed by Brennan IT.

User Management Automation

The power is in your hands - through automation, you can create new users in 5 minutes and self-reset passwords securely 24/7. Processes have also been shortened to provide rapid responses.

Quick & Easy Upgrades

Expand your storage and capacity by submitting requests for new virtual machines in just a few minutes.

Network Performance

View your network performance, where traffic is being routed, and make changes to your network - all from the one place.

Performance Insights

Get the insights you need to work more effectively with a completely customised Business Intelligence dashboard. See how we're performing, from Net Promoter Scores and Service Level Agreement (SLA) ratings to live patching status and live backup status.

Risk Register

We conduct a free review of all our customers' IT environment to create a 'Risk Register' that documents your potential issues, graded from low-to-critical. All issues covered by your agreement are automatically fixed.

Opportunity Register

Get a high-level, regularly updated view of where the opportunities to improve your IT and organisation lie. Our portal logs proposed work in a quarter-by-quarter view, with approximate costings, how risks can be mitigated, and benefits.

Improved NPS and Response Loop

We're always working to improve our service and now have an industry-leading NPS of 80+. We review each ticket that receives a detractor score, with engineers responding directly to impacted users on how failings will be improved.

Major Incident Management Escalation

We've improved our processes so that you can get the attention needed, quicker. Log in to see what's going on.

Added Service Management Reporting

View of recent changes to your service, Continual Service Improvement (CIM) ticket progress, access the Opportunity and Risk Registers, and your ticket and security health - all from one place.

Continual Service Improvement Tickets

Customer's Continual Service Improvement tasks are integrated into the portal, providing unprecedented visibility of your improvement opportunities. You can now identify and fix systemic issues and prioritise customer-centric improvement opportunities.

Configuration Management Database

We have a single, unified CMDB unique to each customer. This database lists all of your devices and software, enabling faster problem-solving, proactive failure and security risk prevention, and automation of provisioning, backups, and more.

Self-Service Portal Resources

Infographic: Self-Service Portal

To help alleviate pressure on IT teams, and ensure better IT management across the organisation, Brennan IT now offers a sophisticated self-service portal for all users taking advantage of our managed services. Here are 8 ways this portal can help your business.

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Brochure: Network Portal

Our Network Portal enables you to monitor your network's performance and visualise your traffic flows, whilst proactively monitoring the performance of your devices across even the most complex IT environments.

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