As 2021 begins to draw to a close and many of us begin to look forward to a much-needed break, we recap on our top performing blogs for the year and share our key insights.

Concerned your borderless workers aren’t taking cybersecurity seriously?

2020 saw more than 3.2 million Australians work remotely, with 9 in 10 businesses having to invest in new platforms or solutions to support this. As IT professionals, we know that borderless working brings about several cybersecurity risks and concerns. We sat down with our Head of Cybersecurity, Daniel Hayes earlier in the year, who outlined what initiatives can be taken to help mitigate potential security concerns. Read on to learn how you can protect and enable your people when they’re out of the office here.

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5 ways to ensure your IT project succeeds

With Gartner claiming that 60% of big data projects are failures, we sat down with Matthew Salter, our Head of Professional Services at Brennan to understand how he and his team defines and delivers successful projects.

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How data-led insights can evolve your employee and customer experiences

It’s said that an organisation with a highly committed workforce can generate up to 4 x the revenue of those without – so on that basis, when was the last time your organisation did a pulse check on employee satisfaction?

In this blog, our Head of Customer Experience John Balchin, discusses the correlation between customer and employee experience, along with the significance and impact that data plays on the two.

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Rogue applications at work – do you reign them in, stamp them out, or put policy around them?

Not long before NSW went into lockdown this year, we sat down with Daniel Hayes, Head of Cybersecurity at Brennan to understand the challenge rogue applications bring for IT teams.

Are you one of the 80% of workers that have used SaaS applications at work without getting approval from your IT department? If so, see how this can be problematic in our blog.

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Why forward-thinking organisations are making CSR a priority

According to a recent Harvard Business School study, 93% of employees believe companies must lead with purpose and nearly 70% of employees say they wouldn’t work for a company that didn’t have a strong purpose – so, on that basis, we sat down with Brennan company advisor Mike Foster, who discussed the importance CSR plays and how forward-thinking employees and organisations are making it a priority.

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Ever wondered what a Service Desk Professional does?

They are responsible for freeing up your IT team, looking after day-to-day tasks and delivering ICT support activities to your end-users – so have you ever wondered what a typical day in the life of your Service Desk Manager may look like?. We sit down with one of our Service Desk Managers to get the scoop.

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