08 Aug 2016

Work smarter with Hosted PBX

Businesses have a variety of options when it comes to upgrading their communications systems, but at Brennan IT we’re seeing high demand and market uptake in Hosted PBX solutions – and for good reason.

Hosted PBX solutions can be highly cost-effective, especially if you choose a solution with unlimited calls and a supplier that offers the ability to scale the deployment to your needs rather than locking in a fixed number of seats, handsets or licences.

However, Hosted PBX solutions also offer a range of features that can help businesses find new ways to improve productivity and eliminate lost calls and lost business opportunities. A solution with Unified Communications (UC) enabled features can further increase the benefits, with instant messaging and presence tools to make contacting and collaborating with team members, partners and suppliers fast and easy.

One solution, many benefits

As with any hosted service, one of hosted PBX’s key advantages is that it frees your internal IT resources to concentrate on tasks and projects that add value or improve your organisation’s strategic position, rather than being bogged down in day-to-day tasks that are more cost-effective to outsource.

This can also help you retain your IT team, as members will have more opportunities to use the creative, strategic problem-solving skills that are the key to their long-term success.

A good solution will include free software upgrades and maintenance, eliminating extra or unexpected costs and minimising downtime. You’ll also benefit from having new features rolled out seamlessly across your organisation as soon as they’re ready (that is, as soon as they’ve been checked and tested by your provider’s dedicated team of specialist engineers).

Select Options that Work for your Business Users

Of course, not all solutions are created equal. The trick is to clearly understand your organisation’s needs so you can choose the offering that’s going to meet those needs. For example, with features like simultaneous or sequential ring, sales team members need never miss a call that might lead to a new opportunity. Voicemail to email will deliver messages directly to your email enabled mobile devices, while some services even offer mobility integration options, like mobile soft clients and more.

If you have mobile or remote workers, look for a UC-enabled PBX solution with hosted soft clients that work across any device (and from any location), so you can support their needs and keep them in touch with their colleagues.

Audio and video conferencing options are available as add-ons to most hosted UC-enabled solutions and can be a vital communication and collaboration tool.

However, even today, connecting to such systems can be a challenge – unless they’re running in a stable and secure environment with robust clients for mobile devices.

Hosted PBX checklist

If you’re thinking your business might benefit from a hosted PBX solution, we suggest that you should look for (or at least consider):

  • Fully hosted PBX in a secure cloud environment
  • Predictable monthly costs with optional bundled unlimited calling plans and flexibility to scale up and down your subscription mid-contract
  • An evergreen model with included upgrades and patching, in addition to unlimited moves, adds and changes
  • UC feature add-ons to provide mobility, soft clients, instant messaging and presence across all your devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac environments
  • Audio and video conferencing add-on services with multi-vendor interoperability out of the box to ensure you can connect your business with the world
  • Finally and most importantly, work with a provider that understands your end to end IT and telephony environment, provides outstanding customer service and cares for your business

If you’d like to learn more about Hosted PBX systems and how they can help your business to work smarter, why not visit our web page or call us today on 1300 500 000.