16 Jun 2015

Windows Surface 3 Review Wrap

Microsoft has released its latest tablet/notebook hybrid into the wild and the reviews have come flooding in. The general consensus? This is a device worth having for people who don’t quite need the grunt or functionality of the full Windows Surface Pro 3 device.

  • PC World gave the device 3.5/5 stars, saying that it is “… a much nicer tablet than its predecessors, and that alone makes it worth recommending. But it feels a bit expensive to be a “bargain” version of the Surface Pro 3.” Read full review here.
  • Meanwhile Gizmodo scored it 80/100, saying that the “difference between the Surface 2 and the Surface 3 is like night and day, and that comes from having the right tools for the job.” Read full review here.
  • Engaget’s score was about the same as Gizmodo’s (79/100), writing that “… third time’s the charm for Microsoft Surface line-up,” and “the Surface 3 shows that Microsoft’s vision of a single device that can serve as both tablet and laptop isn’t a mere pipe dream.” Read full review here.
  • CNET scored it 7.8/10, with the reviewer liking that although the cost is lower than the Surface 3 Pro, much of the design and materials of the premium product has been implemented into this device. “Even with the CPU dialled back to an Intel Atom, and the screen both smaller and with a lower resolution, it feels reasonably premium especially given the low starting price.” Read full review here.
  • TechRadar was also very positive on the device, scoring it 4/5, with the reviewer noting that “the Surface 3 is the most portable Surface device yet. It’s every bit as premium to touch as the Surface Pro 3 while being both slimmer and lighter. It’s also easier to use on your lap due to its weight and slips into a bag for transportation with less fuss than ever before.” Read full review here.
  • Also giving the device 8/10 was Tablet PC Review, where the reviewer surmised “although it has a chipset commonly associated with budget tablets and notebooks, the Microsoft Surface 3 is still a premium device that is well worth the base price, even in a market awash in cheaper alternatives.” Read full review here.
  • Finally, The Verge also appreciated the device, despite the slightly lower score of 7.3/10. The reviewer did note that “perhaps that’s the story of the Surface. It’s not the “tablet that can replace your laptop” so much as it’s the tablet that wants to be a laptop, and maybe it’s just time Microsoft made a Surface laptop.” But also noted that “There ought to be a market for the Surface, because having the power of touch, keyboard, and pen in one single thin and light device is really compelling.” Read full review here.

For organisations and individuals that want an ultra-mobile and low cost Windows experience, and aren’t intending on editing films or playing blockbuster games on their devices, the Windows Surface 3 is an inexpensive and highly efficient way to enable a wide range of computing applications.