17 Oct 2012

Windows Server 2012 and Windows Azure - a full solution

With the release of the new server platform, Windows Server 2012 and the improvements and future release of Windows Azure, Microsoft are looking to have a full end-to-end solution for all of its customer’s infrastructures and requirements. Windows Server 2012 has now been released and has gone through a large rework and redesign from the ground up. The first thing you will see is a change to the interface and that they have moved to live tiles. Other major changes are the improvements to the hyper V platform with the release of Hyper V version 3, which has had some very large improvements with its performance stats. Also of note is that Microsoft has been running their search engine Bing on Windows Server 2012 for the past 8 months with no issues With Windows Azure, you will be able to see your server infrastructure in a single interface; whether the server is located on the Azure platform, on a service providers environment or on prem. You will also have the ability to provision new servers into any of these environments. This will allow for the correct placement of these servers to fulfil the role that the server is being deployed for. The business benefits and flexibility for customers to have to correct solution in the correct location is something that they have to-date not been able to achieve easily. This is the foundation that Microsoft is using to take it to the next evolution of customer experience and expectation due to business requirements and the tech savvy younger generation. Scott Allen is the QLD Service Delivery Manager, Engineers at Brennan IT