30 Apr 2013

Why enterprise mobility matters (even if you never leave the office)

Mobility is going to be one of the key drivers of business technology in the coming months and years, and it’s already revolutionising consumer behaviour. While your company mightn’t even have vital staff in the field, mobility will become more central to your IT development. Here are a few of the reasons (and solutions).

If you’re selling to consumers, you’re missing revenue

A rapidly increasing number of purchasing decisions are made not only online, but on mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile-optimised website or e-commerce outlet, a solid social media marketing strategy and possibly a dedicated app, there are potential customers that you’re not reaching. High street retailers have the advantage of people simply walking by. Online retailers do not have such luxury, so you need to make sure that you create awareness to help drive traffic that’s direct, relevant and also tracked. QR codes, which have been around a while, are also offering promise as virtual “stores” in high-traffic urban areas.

Your employees already use their own devices

Your staff are savvy and device conscious and aware. It’s a given that they’ll bring their personal phones and tablets to work. It’s also inevitable they’ll be used for some level of work function, whether it’s calling a contact, accessing email, or accessing your intranet, LAN or WAN. Unless you have a BYOD policy in place that addresses security concerns and embraces the productivity gains and cost-savings BYOD can create, this situation is at best a missed opportunity, and at worst a ticking bomb.

If you don’t care now, you soon will

We’re moving to an increasingly mobile future, and it’s global. Whether you’re selling to consumers, are mid-market or B2B, your vertical is going to experience profound transformation over the coming years. Right now, you want someone to be able to order a product or service from your company using their phone. In several years, they’ll be able to take a photo of, for instance, a car-part, type a number and have a shipment of them on the way. The winners in all industries will be those who are ahead of the curve.

Robin Marchant is Brennan IT’s National Marketing Manager.