12 Sep 2012

What Is Web Hosting? [Infographic]

It sounds like a simple enough question: “What is Web Hosting?” But the truth is many of us would struggle to answer this question in a very detailed and accurate way. Understanding the Internet is the first step to understanding web hosting, which is a key requirement when deciding who you’re going to choose to be your business web host. The following infographic is designed to guide you through the confusing world of the Internet and webhosting, to allow you to make more informed decisions for your business needs. Click the infographic to view full size. Infographic of 'What is Web Hosting?' To embed this infographic in your own web pages, copy the following code:
<a title="What Is Web Hosting Infographic - Brennan IT"
<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/what-is-web-hosting.jpg"
alt="What Is Web Hosting Infographic by Brennan IT" /></a><br />
Infographic by <a href="http://www.brennanit.com.au">Brennan IT</a>