01 Mar 2013

What is Google Glass?

The aim of the latest Google development is to simplify communication and share experiences by allowing you to do so hands free; Google glass can make calls, give directions, take photos and stream video (and much more) all from the bridge of your nose. Google has released a video here which gives a good look at what life might be like with Google Glass.

Why do I need one?

Google Glass looks set to revolutionize the way we retrieve information and communicate on-the-go. If you find yourself walking down the street with your head buried in your smart phone, Google Glass may be your ticket to seeing the real world once more.

What are the draw backs?

The two issues that seem to come up frequently are look and privacy. While the very simple design of Google Glass is fairly inoffensive, there is still the general feeling that people may not want to be seen walking down the street wearing one. A more serious concern is that of privacy. If you can record anyone without their knowledge (which Google Glass makes easy) how can we be sure when we are being recorded?

When will we see it?

Google has announced that a consumer version of Google Glass will be available by the holiday period of 2013.

How much will it cost?

Google has currently released developer models of Google glass for $1,500, but the consumer version released later this year will likely have a more reasonable price tag.