16 Jan 2013

We've launched our new website!

We’ve recently completed an upgrade of our website, making the Brennan IT site more intuitive, informative and useful. Where we previously had three main areas with sub-menus on the front page – we’ve reconfigured the staging to include eight graphic app-type buttons that’ll take users straight to what interests them most. We realise that a lot of our users know exactly why they’re on the site and what they’re looking for, and we want them to be able to get there in as few clicks as possible. We also want those who aren’t necessarily looking for a specific service to be able to get a thorough understanding of who we are and what we offer as quickly as possible, and the new, more granular approach will facilitate this. Whether you’re after software development, networking, cloud expertise or managed services, we’ve made it easy to cut to the chase and get the information you need. We’re not re-inventing the wheel. Our website update is an evolution, not a revolution. In the spirit of evolution, we’ll be retaining and extending The Voice, which you can access from our front page. This provides up-to-date, trusted information on the latest developments in the IT industry, ensuring our customers and the public can be across trends and developments in the sector as they occur. You’ll can also read our customers’ stories, to learn how we’ve partnered with businesses in all sectors to provide effective, affordable and carefully-tailored IT solutions that help them grow as a business. We’d love you to check it out and let us know what you think.