08 Feb 2012

Website or app: What should start-ups build first?

Sydney Morning Herald – 08 February 2012

Apps are becoming so popular that some start-ups are bypassing a website in favour of developing their own smartphone tool.

One entrepreneur that has taken this approach is Jonathan Barouch, chief executive and founder of social networking platform called roamz.

Roamz describes itself as “your personal tour guide to what’s going on around you”. For instance, let’s say you’re in Bondi on Australia Day. Checking in to roamz might tell you people are at the Havaianas Thong Race or at the OpenAir Cinema. You can also tell others what you’ve enjoyed.

Brennan IT’s founder Dave Stevens agrees every business needs a website, which should be able to be accessed across all the major platforms including iPhones, iPads, android phones, laptops and personal computers.

“A website is your ticket to play – but it doesn’t need to be complex, it can be simple as long as it’s informative and functional”.

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