30 Nov 2012

Vodafone network down due to heat wave

Widespread mobile outages were caused in Melbourne yesterday, affecting about 50 percent of Victorian Vodafone customers and up to 15 percent of national customers. As temperatures reached 39.2 degrees at 6pm, the air conditioning went into meltdown, overheating the Tullamarine switch.

Affected customers were unable to receive incoming calls since 7:45pm, and Vodafone are still currently working on the problem to ensure all customers are back with full service. Outgoing calls remain unaffected.

Melbourne has also experienced transport delays due to the extreme temperatures, with train lines being affected by equipment failure, stranding many thousands of customers.

With temperatures in the high 30s expected in Brisbane and Sydney this weekend, and more extreme temperatures predicted for the coming summer across the country, keeping technology cool is an important consideration for all businesses and individuals. Ensuring that your air-conditioning is functioning at full capacity is vital if you want to keep your systems running.