22 Aug 2012

Unifying communications: the hidden advantages

Have you unified your communications? What benefits have you seen? With workforces increasingly spread out and video conferencing and instant messaging becoming as prevalent as phone calls and email, communicating has become even more complex. When you look inside your business at the amount of time staff and colleagues spend attempting to communicate-how effective is this? If you consider the amount of time spent travelling, do you ever wonder how to get this time to be more productive for your organisation? By bringing it all together into a simple, accessible flow, you are not only to cuts costs but you are also able to increase productivity and improve customer relationships.  Here’s why: 1.  Collaboration. Colleagues, clients and customers can come together and share data and ideas. You can edit a group document live, rather than ending up with multiple different versions stored in diverse locations. This real time, real life communication capability will drive a difference in you markets and your operations. 2.  Reachability. Phones, mobiles, tablets and pagers are seamlessly linked so people are easier to reach through a single number. And it’s easy to see who is available at any one time.  In one study, half of companies saved up to 20 minutes per employee daily by reaching workers on the first try. 3.  Integration. From your unified interface, you can also access business processes such as customer relationship management (CRM) or supply chain management (SCM). A fully integrated unified communications platform will drive better workflow both internally and out to your wider sphere of influence. It is not just about how to capture and store the information but how to communicate this in the most effective manner. 4.  Security. With data and documents stored in a single location, and communications kept within the same network, security is much simpler to set up.  You can also track what is going on and where. Having the ability to more easily track the information whilst still making it available to a wider audience increases the competitive advantages you have in your chosen markets. 5.  Speed. Faster access to information means sales closing faster and invoices being sent sooner.  Less time wasted, less money wasted. You will benefit directly from much greater levels of customers satisfaction, enabling you to increase the levels of communication even more and the spiral is always in an upward direction. Unified communications is not just cutting phone call costs with VoIP, or the convenience of a single phone bill. It’s about transforming your entire business into a more productive, efficient and collaborative organisation. What kinds of results have you seen?