14 Mar 2013

Transforming B2B marketing through automation

The abundance of information available online and on social networks has fundamentally changed the way that customers research and buy solutions.  Because of this there must also be change in how we as marketeers, market and sell to them. Marketing automation is a way in which you can change the world of B2B marketing. It is the platform from which modern B2B marketers are launching their new programs and adapting to the changing environment. Whilst marketing automation draws many benefits, two benefits that are of great relevance to the marketing world are improving the lead qualification process through lead scoring and improving the ROI through detailed analytics.

Choose an automation tool that can allocate lead scores.

Scores are given to leads who interact with certain marketing activities. Scores are dependent on the level of interaction. Through lead scoring your sales teams can focus their time and attention on the hottest sales leads and opportunities, leading to great productivity. Remember to involve sales early in the process and agree the framework to ensure no lead gets left behind.

Marketing metrics and analytics.

It’s not just about tracking to prove ROI but how to improve ROI. The question is not “did that program work?” but “could it work better?”. Measuring and analysing your marketing activities helps with the decisions on where to reinvest for maximum impact. Find an automation tool that allows you track and analyse marketing activities as well the ability to customise your marketing reports. The buzzwords of marketing today are content marketing and social media and it’s true, we should all have our strategies there. But B2B marketers are also focused on lead nurturing, lead generation and marketing analytics to maximise impact and return in our new buyer-driven environment. A transformation is indeed taking place and marketing automation is allowing us to adapt to, if not driving the revolution!