04 Dec 2012

Top Travel Gadgets

The top gear to keep you connected, entertained and comfortable this holiday season. Microsoft Surface The buzz around the MS Surface leading up to launch was intense. The premiere Microsoft tablet runs the new mobile-optimized Windows RT, and its powerful and versatile media capabilities, integration with other Windows systems, responsive typing cover and robust build means it’s a great tool for entertainment, telecommuting and keeping in touch with the world wherever you are. Price: $533-789 Surface.com Indestructible Flashdrive The Lacie RuggedKey can withstand bumps, knocks, shocks and falls of up to 100 metres. Its shock-absorbing outer shell protects against heat, cold and water. Your data’s safe with AES 256-bit encryption, and it comes with a year-long subscription to Lacie’s secure storage and sharing service Wuala. Price: $40 www.lacie.com Actual Magic Box The Leap is a gesture-recognition that’s based on the Microsoft Kinnect. The Leap, which tracks fingertip movements down to 1/100th of a millimetre, promises users the tantalising opportunity to control all computer and tablet functions, including gaming, in three dimensions with hand gestures. Yes, like they do in Minority Report. The US startup behind it are saying the release is early 2013, and you can pre-order one now for $70. https://leapmotion.com/ Mini Air-conditioner With summer comes a host of outdoor activities. Occasionally you’ll need to refresh yourself, and a glass if ice water doesn’t cut it. This is where the Mini-cooler, which you can get through Amazon, comes in handy. http://www.amazon.com/Handy-Cooler-First-ever-Evaporative-batteries/dp/B003WC4EYQ/ref=pd_cp_e_0 Price: $30 Robert Tinning is Practice Manager – HSP, Hardware and Software Practice at Brennan IT.