26 Oct 2012

Tiger fined $110,000 for email spam

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has fined Tiger Airways $110,000 after the company was reported for failing to unsubscribe customers from marketing emails. The company ignored customer complaints and warnings from the AMCA before the watchdog decided to clamp down on the company’s practices. Tiger has now reported that they have reviewed and redesigned their processes to ensure that this issue does not arise again. The truth of the matter is that marketing to customers who have unsubscribed is against the law, and it also damages your reputation with the potential customers. So what is the best way of safeguarding against these kinds of problems? Where possible, you should use a system that enables your clients to opt out automatically. There are many ways to do this, and it minimizes pain and effort for both receiver and business. You should also test that your systems are working; whether manual or automatic, you have to be sure that the system is effective.  Finally, you need to make sure that staff are aware that these rules and regulations exist and are taken very seriously. Many people are unaware that it is illegal to send emails to customers who have unsubscribed, and the affects that this can have. The monetary loss coupled with the bad PR that comes with an ACMA fine is more than enough reason to be very cautious when conducting any marketing campaign, and ensuring you have an effective opt out system.