08 Oct 2013

Three ways to improve collaboration with mobile video conferencing

More and more Australian organisations have employees that are already road warriors, or would greatly benefit from being less desk bound and freer to be in the field where their clients and customers are. Sales people are an obvious beneficiary of mobility, but the advantages to going mobile are much more widespread than that.  For example, Australia’s medical industry would be better off if doctors were more mobile, and reachable in a meaningful way when they weren’t on location. Researchers would be able to cover more ground if they could collaborate remotely, Reporters could report faster and Agencies could brief clients quicker. In fact, there are not many organisations that would not benefit from having a mobile workforce in some form, which naturally leads to the idea of enabling mobile video conferencing for those mobile staff to enhance collaboration. While it’s a good idea, and you as a business leader should be looking into it, there are some key considerations to take into account first: – It needs to be easy; Mobile conferencing can only work if it’s used by the people with access to it. One-click access, easy scheduling and control features are all essential for a mobile conferencing solution to be used, and valued by your staff. – It needs to work; Staff will only use mobile conferencing if it works as promised. Any application that makes heavy use of video is also heavy on the bandwidth, and so a mobile conferencing solution needs to take advantage of leading compression technologies in order to mitigate the slower connections that road warriors often experience. – How will it fit with existing infrastructure; If you are looking to integrate your mobile video conferencing solution with your other collaboration technologies (and you should be)? Perhaps the ideal mobile conferencing solution will be added as a modular extension to the existing solution, or it might take some finessing to work in conjunction with everything else. Ultimately, the best way to evaluate which mobile conferencing solution is best for your business is to test it first. Brennan IT is offering a 14-day free video conferencing trial around the ClearSea product that will allow organisations to test just how easy it is to use and how well it will integrate with their existing technology solutions. Click here to find out more.