05 Dec 2012

Three ways to get the most of your day

Our CEO Dave Stevens expertly juggles family with a demanding work schedule and cycling training. We ask him how he manages to get the most out of each day. Accept your nature, and work with it Stick to your natural rhythms as much as is practical. If you’re a night-owl like me, prioritise important or thought-intensive tasks for your peak times Equally, if you’re a morning person, get stuck into the hardest stuff first and give yourself a downhill run in the evening. Budget your time for unforseens There are always going to be urgent things coming up that need dealing with immediately, so recognise this, and try to budget daily time for unforseens. I spend about fifty percent of my time working towards pre-planned goals on a to-do list and fifty pursuing opportunities that present themselves and dealing with short-term problems. Get Your Metrics Take a look at your work output and discover which tasks you’re better at during different times of the day. You might write better in the evenings, or nail spreadsheets mid-morning. Find your strengths and schedule around them.