Sector Roundup

Simple solution to suit every user

It’s been 17 years since Microsoft entered the SaaS business with Hotmail.

Using dodgy software could come back to bite

It’s easy to think that using software without paying the full price has no ramifications.

Three steps for keeping your software licensing legal

Software licensing is serious business.

Smart software developers take Agile approach

Agile is the big thing in software development.

Tech rivals form truce over new enemies

The competition posed by automated cloud computing services has led to an unprecedented era of cooperation between the world’s largest software vendors.

Embrace nimble thinking

Australia’s software development community enjoyed visits by two of the world’s pre-eminent thinkers on ‘Agile’ in 2013.

Case Studies

Taking the risk out of gambling

ClubsNSW wanted a tool to assist and empower problem gamblers, so it turned to its trusted technology advisor

Software skills to drive growth

Handmade cosmetics chain Lush turned to Brennan to manage the software used to run its retail network

Software Stories


Rental market

Moving to a software-as-a-service model lets users skip high upfront costs and choose flexible contracts


Big issues for all businesses

Modern businesses should ensure mobile devices are secure and running the latest cloud-based software

The Buzz Autodesk Promotion

Transformation is coming

See what discounts are available throughout 2014


Design in the clouds

Cloud-based collaboration is revolutionising the way computer-aided design is done while providing an environment that galvanises team efforts


Don’t let your systems go out of date

In just a few months’ time, Windows XP will reach its expiration date. Make sure your business is ready for the transition


Don’t get caught out

Many organisations are unaware of how to properly manage software licences but ignorance is no excuse and non-compliance brings worrying risks

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