Even the smallest organisations can tap into a wealth of information and uncover business opportunities

A vision for a smarter city

The Smart City concept provides a unified solution to building technologically advanced cities of the future, and places a strong focus on wider public benefits


Getting value from a needle in a haystack

Technology puts business intelligence in the hands of small to medium-sized enterprises


Classification conundrum

With data growing at an unimaginable pace, it is more important than ever that organisations can categorise, analyse and leverage this business intelligence


It’s not big data, it’s big analytics

In case you’d been asleep for the last few years, apparently big data is all the rage. Or is it?


Hardware is only half the story

Your hardware has an influence far beyond the server room, affecting every aspect of your business.

Robust protection from hackers and scammers is at your fingertips

RSA 30% off New License and RBA Promotion

RSA 30% off New License and RBA Promotion


Putting security first

Symantec discusses its manifesto to help protect organisations against the rise of cyber-security threats


The toxic truth of mobile malware

In these days of the cloud era, everything is being provided as a service, even malware. As fraudsters increasingly target mobile technology, users must keep a step ahead of them


Get a clear understanding

Australian organisations are facing tougher privacy requirements. Time to get smart, says RSA’s Nick Bourke


Smart adaptation

Open source software can adapt and change to keep up with ever-changing security threats

Strategies to help your business avoid the non-compliant software trap

Rental market

Moving to a software-as-a-service model lets users skip high upfront costs and choose flexible contracts


Design in the clouds

Cloud-based collaboration is revolutionising the way computer-aided design is done while providing an environment that galvanises team efforts


Don’t let your systems go out of date

In just a few months’ time, Windows XP will reach its expiration date. Make sure your business is ready for the transition


Transformation is coming

See what discounts are available throughout 2014


Big issues for all businesses

Modern businesses should ensure mobile devices are secure and running the latest cloud-based software

Organisations and their staff embrace the ‘bring your own device’ approach

The personal touch

The next phase of wireless technology is about more than just access


No quick fix for BYOD

The best remedy for BYOD comprises many ingredients, including mobility, collaboration, security and networking


Tablet or Notebook?

Now you can take both for a test drive.


Sleek, speedy self-contained solutions

The new range of Toshiba notebooks offer in-built 4G wireless for an on-the-go workforce


Make your team more productive and efficient

Enterprise mobility is no longer just about securing BYOD, it’s about giving employees access to the apps and data they need

Break the shackles of infrastructure with a virtual solution for every IT requirement

Back to the future

Today’s computers might be sleeker, faster and more powerful, but the cloud is not a new idea


To infinity and beyond

Get the capacity you need whenever you want it with on-demand hybrid cloud


Welcome to the cloud revolution

Including cloud as part of an IT position is no longer a vague possibility, it is a business imperative


Make your business more agile

Taking a hybrid approach to cloud is a fluid solution that doesn’t force organisations to splash the cash


The power of Converged Infrastructure is here

Tackle any workload at any scale, and deploy in as few as 20 days

Use communications technology to unite your team and boost productivity

Cisco Business Edition 6000 Offer

Your complete collaboration solution in action! Enterprise class; voice, video, messaging, IM/presence and a mobility solution all in one


Light up the network

Cloud-based unified communications can be rolled out on demand to help your workforce collaborate brighter and better


Moving beyond the dial tone

True collaboration isn’t just for the enterprise. More small and mid-sized organisations are now embracing unified communications


Think smart for a mobile workforce

Even those organisations that understand the benefits of unified communications might be missing out on the true advantages by failing to integrate correctly


The unified generation

Collaboration tools are especially important among younger members of the workforce

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