01 May 2013

The Voice - May 2013


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  May 2013 – this month’s latest news and views
Welcome to the May issue of The Voice. This month, we help you weigh the options between “dedicated hardware or cloud computing” as well as provide you with a variety of tech and travel tips.
Dedicated Hardware or Cloud Computing?
Making The Case For A Bigger IT Budget
How To Avoid Global Roaming Hassles
Why Enterprise Mobility Matters
Case Study: Paynter Dixon Construction
The Big Question: Dedicated hardware or cloud computing?
Case Study: A mobility solution that provides long-term cost-savings
There was a time when almost all companies owned their own hardware, but that’s becoming a thing of the past. What’s right for your business? What should you own and what should you outsource?
Paynter Dixon’s management wanted to encourage a more mobile work culture and develop support for their staff off-site. Brennan IT devised a mobility solution that ticked these boxes and provided long-term cost-savings.
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Talking Finance:
Making the case for a bigger IT budget
    Travel Tips:
How to avoid global roaming hassles
    Why Enterprise Mobility Matters
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