04 Jul 2012

The Voice – July 2012

The Voice
Latest news and views from Brennan IT
Stephen Sims
General Manager
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This month:

IT priorities – do more with less in the new financial year

Microsoft Surface – a game changer for business?

Spotlight on video conferencing

Latest news and views

Case study – Lincoln Indicators and disaster recovery to the cloud

July 2012

Welcome to this month’s edition of The Voice! At the start of the financial year, we take a look at IT priorities and ways to do more with less. With Microsoft’s new Surface tablet on its way, we ask whether it’ll become the business tablet of choice, and we also shine a spotlight on video conferencing.

In our case study this month, discover the great result Lincoln Indicators have achieved by moving their disaster recovery regime to the cloud – cutting their DR budget by around 50 per cent.

In news and views, you might also be interested to read our MD Dave Stevens on what businesses should consider before buying IT. As always, you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, watch us on YouTube, connect with us on LinkedIn, or join the discussion and add your comments on the Brennan IT blog.

IT priorities – do more with less in the new financial year

Cutting costs and getting the most from IT budgets is top of mind in FY2012. How might your team put in a star performance?

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Microsoft Surface – a game changer for business?
5 ways to remain productive on the go
Has business finally found the tablet it’s looking for? Actually, the answer could be yes.

Spotlight on video conferencing
Security and Information protection
Video conferencing is a powerful communication tool. Here’s why you should consider it.
Latest news and views
Brennan IT - leading managed service provider in Australia
From 5 things businesses should think about before buying IT, to our top partner status with NEC, get the latest Brennan IT news.

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Case study
A simple, low-cost recovery regime to guard against disaster

When the complexity and cost of Lincoln Indicators’ disaster recovery regime became a burden, the company looked for a better solution. In addition to halving their DR costs, discover what else they’ve achieved by switching to the cloud.

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