31 Jan 2012

The Voice – January 2012

The Voice
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2012 – what IT will bring

5 ways Unified Communication will make you more productive

Disaster Recovery services move to the Cloud

Latest news and views

Case study

January 2012

We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. To kick off 2012, we’re asking what the year will bring for technology and business, and what your priorities might be. We examine 5 ways that Unified Communications will make you more productive and we ask how the Cloud is changing the game when it comes to disaster recovery. In our case study, we examine Enstruct Group’s decision to put their support needs to tender and what they’ve achieved as a result.

In other news, we’re celebrating our MD Dave Steven’s world record! As always, follow us on Twitter or keep up with Dave Stevens on his SmartCompany blog.

What IT will bring in 2012

What new technologies will feature in 2012, and which should your business prioritise?

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5 ways Unified Communication will make you more productive
Unified Communication is a powerful way to fast-track your business productivity. Find out why.

Disaster Recovery services move to the Cloud
The Cloud has made disaster recovery easier and less costly, but is it right for your business?
Latest news and views
We’re looking forward to a busy and productive 2012. Discover the latest Brennan IT news and views.
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Case study
Reliable and responsive support with a single point of responsibility

When Enstruct outsourced the management and support of their IT systems, they were able to liberate their existing resources and prepare themselves for growth.

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