14 Feb 2013

The Voice - February 2013

The VoiceBrennan IT
February 2013 – this month’s latest news and views
Forming a business partnership and providing you with strategic technology advice is important to us. In this issue of The Voice, you will read tips on ‘Getting the most out of your service providers’ and ‘Saving on your IT budget’. I hope you find it of value.
Getting the most out of your IT service providers
How to save on your IT budget
Fix IT now, before it breaks
Unified Communications Case Study: WSP
Overcoming data integration challenges using SaaS
TrendsCase Study - Lush Australia
Getting the most out of your IT service providers
A real-time web and mobile enabled business platform
Your relationships with service providers can deliver a competitive advantage when managed correctly. Find out how to leverage your partnership for maximum gain.
WSP’s Associate Director of IT talks about how they effectively got a brand new telephony system for no capital outlay or significant change in their operational expenses.
Windows 8
Productivity apps will make your work life easier
Tech news this month
How to save on your IT budgetOvercoming data integration challenges using SaaSFix IT now before it breaks
Find out how
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Here’s how
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