02 Aug 2012

The Voice – August 2012

The Voice
Latest news and views from Brennan IT
Stephen Sims
General Manager
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This month:

Building a better cloud

4 ways Windows 8 could change your business

Spotlight on DR to the Cloud

Latest news and views

Case Study – Count Financial and IaaS

August 2012

Welcome to this month’s Voice! In this issue, we pause to take stock of the cloud and the options and trends that businesses are seeking. With the imminent release of Windows 8, we examine how Windows 8 could change your business.

In our case study this month, discover the great result Count Financial have achieved by moving their infrastructure to the cloud.

In news and views, Brennan IT and NEC team up to build bikes for underprivileged children with the Salvation Army. We also welcome Epicor to our data centres, and offer some thoughts on the challenges businesses face when recruiting IT staff.

Building a better cloud
Choice is good, but as cloud options continue to grow, what cloud services will businesses find most useful?
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4 ways Windows 8 could change your business
Windows 8 arrives at the end of October. Find out how your business might use it.

Spotlight on DR to the Cloud
Security and Information protection
Gartner predicts that 30 per cent of mid-size companies will adopt DR to the Cloud in the next 24 months.
Latest news and views
Brennan IT - leading managed service provider in Australia
In the news, ERP experts Epicor launch locally using Brennan IT data centres, while our MD Dave Stevens examines cloud lessons learned for CIO Magazine.

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Case study
A powerful, low-cost infrastructure solution delivering on internal and external needs
When Count Financial decided to refresh their infrastructure, they sought the most future-proof solution available.

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