01 May 2012

The Voice – April 2012

The Voice
Latest news and views from Brennan IT
Stephen Sims
General Manager
Sales and Marketing

This month:

Better business through collaboration

5 ways to remain productive on the go

Spotlight on voice services

Latest news and views

Enersys trust Brennan IT to keep them online

April 2012

Welcome to this month’s Voice! In this issue, discover how to improve your business through more effective collaboration. We also suggest 5 ways to stay productive when travelling and look at how re-examining your voice services can help to reduce costs and streamline your business operations.

In our case study this month, we examine Enersys’ decision to entrust us with the provision of the IT services that were vital to their business, including around-the-clock support.

In other news, furniture retailer Super A-Mart has also extended its relationship with us, signing a multi-million dollar 3-year deal.

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Better business through collaboration

Collaboration has the power to make a business much more than the sum of its parts. What technologies are at your disposal?

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5 ways to remain productive on
the go

5 ways to remain productive on the go
Business travel can make for a lot of downtime. How can you stay productive on the road?

Spotlight on voice services
Security and Information protection
Can your business reduce costs and streamline its activity through better communications?
Latest news and views
Brennan IT - leading managed service provider in Australia
We’ve teamed up with global data centre specialists Equinix to guarantee capacity as customer demand for the cloud continues to grow.

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Case study

Now operational, Enersys’ new managed IT platform is serviced by Brennan IT – delivering 24/7 support with proactive monitoring, ensuring that the services deployed meet stringent SLAs.

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