22 Aug 2011

The smart manager and effective leadership

Team success is determined by many factors, but, in business, perhaps the most important ingredient is leadership.

To get the most from any group, nothing beats ‘leading by example’, and the more we’ve grown at Brennan IT, the more we’ve come to appreciate the value of good management.

Of course, not everyone is a born leader (and by no means is every born leader a perfect manager). But in the belief that leadership can be learned, here are a few of our thoughts on effective leadership:

1. Smart managers understand their staff.
This is two-fold. Firstly, smart managers develop specific understandings of each staff member’s skills, attributes and strengths. This is a vital part of getting the most from the team as a whole.

Secondly, smart managers understand how staff are best managed – what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting the most from individuals. While equality and consistency is important, the smartest approach is unlikely to be managing everyone in the same way.

2. Smart managers lead with consent.
While leadership often involves making the hard decisions, smart managers build consensus for their decisions by cultivating an understanding amongst staff of the team’s goals and processes, and the ‘why’ behind their instructions.

3. Smart managers pass out credit.
It’s no secret that staff work more effectively and are more motivated when their contributions are recognised not only within their team, but within the business as a whole. Smart managers realise that they must stand on the shoulders of giants, and encourage their team by giving out credit for innovations and achievements, not trading on it themselves.

What’s your best experience of managing or being managed? Do you have any tips on effective leadership and management? Why not comment below?

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