13 Mar 2012

The new iPad – a business tool?

Known simply as ‘the new iPad’, Apple’s third generation tablet has launched.

For business users, the question is; how useful will it be in the business world? Will you be using one?

Business features?

Certainly, a new feature that  will be quickly welcomed  is the 4G connectivity.

But while the new iPad does have 4G capabilities, it seems that it won’t in Australia. This is because Telstra’s 4G network functions on a different frequency to that supported by the iPad’s chip.

Double the network speed?

That said, the new iPad is High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) enabled, so there will be some connectivity boost to be had. Telstra claims HSPA means their network is now twice as fast as the 3G networks offered by other providers.

If two-times 3G speeds are achievable, the new iPad will be more attractive as a mobile platform for connecting to business networks while out of the office – especially when using remote desktops and other bandwidth intensive applications. It just won’t be a 4G experience.

In terms of the device itself, the new dual-core A5X processor with quad-core graphics will make the device snappier than its forebear.

More screen real estate

The much-promoted 2048 by 1536 retina display is a higher resolution than many desktop monitors – again suggesting that the new iPad will be a powerful tool for running remote desktops.

The new resolution also means more real estate for developers to use, and with time, business users can expect to see improved dashboard and application designs.

The verdict

For business use in Australia, the new iPad is an improvement on the iPad 2. Unfortunately, it is just not as much of an improvement as it could have been.

However, it remains a potent tool for mobilising your business and making the shift to anywhere/anytime computing. With the launch of the tablet-focused Windows 8 on the horizon, there will be interesting times ahead.

What do you think? Will you be using the new iPad or other tablets in your business?

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