23 Aug 2012

The iPad Mini – what’s the point?

Steve Jobs famously dismissed the Android 7-inch tables at the end of 2010, suggesting that they were:
  • Too expensive
  • Too small for good touch control
  • Too big to be mobile
  • Android’s software wasn’t tablet-ready
  • Lack of tablet apps
While many of these concerns have been rectified, with the price of mini tablets being dramatically reduced (the Nexus 7 being priced at $249), touch control greatly improved, and software and application development soaring, the question still remains; is there a point to Apple’s iPad mini? I already have an iPhone and an iPad: It is clear that the market for the iPad mini will not be for those who already are equipped with sufficient mobile devices; the iPad mini will not bring you any new functions while on the road. Rather, this device will be marketed to and work for those who are unable to afford the iPad, but who require something larger than the iPhone for browsing, playing games and small work tasks. At around $200, the iPad mini will be half the price of an iPad, making is much more affordable. Too big to be mobile? Here is the big question; what is ‘mobile’? Is it something you can fit in your pocket? Or is it something that you can take with you in your laptop bag? The truth is, mobile is what you need it to be. Some will be delighted with the iPad mini, as it will be lighter and obviously more compact than the iPad. Others will see it as an unnecessary step between a phone and a standard size tablet. Someone please think of the children! There is already speculation that the iPad mini will be the number one Christmas present for children this year. And if the reasonable price tag comes to fruition, this is set to be the case. Kids are tech savvy at a very early age, and the iPad mini already has a range of apps to suit their needs. In short, there is certainly a market for the iPad mini – but will you be getting one?