16 Jul 2012

The internet's productivity paradox

Technology Spectator – 13th July 2012 If you are reading this at work, then you’re more than likely wasting your employer’s time. Don’t you have reports to write, calls to make, deals to seal? Still reading? Well, it just goes to show that just because one has the tools to become more productive at work doesn’t necessarily mean they will always put them to good use. The internet has provided us with a plethora of distractions, ranging from Facebook to Angry Birds, and everyone of them can take a toll on productivity. So how big a problem is this and how much damage is it doing? No one wants to admit it… Unsurprisingly, the first and best place to start dealing with the problem is to admit that it actually exists. Brennan IT’s national marketing manager, Robin Marchant volunteered to talk about to the issue, but he was wary not to be too specific when answering questions on technology distraction in his workplace. Read full article