15 Jan 2013

The habits of indispensable IT pros

Look beyond IT

The best IT pros don’t just take an IT-based approach to their work. They have a sound understanding of the entire business of their company, and they look beyond their department at how technology can drive the growth of the whole business. This means every job you have is going to be different, as you’ll need an understanding of the business and culture of a different organisation. But the ability to gain this will be more valuable that any technical proficiency could ever be.

Maximize your budget’s potential

Whatever your budget is, there are ways to make it work harder. If your servers are running at a fraction of capacity, virtualisation is long overdue. Software licensing costs can be reduced by switching to cheaper cloud-delivered apps. If you’re spending too much money on servers, infrastructure-as-a-service could be the answer. On the other side of the budgetary coin, social engagement, mobile marketing and SEO can all be optimized to bring in revenue.

Educate your co-workers

You’ll earn more than goodwill if you start teaching your less technically-inclined co-workers the basics of the IT system. Not all business-people are IT-minded, so a couple of informal sessions with them will make them realise you’re the person to speak to about IT issues. Yes, they will bother you more often. But gradually, you’ll be able to show the business leaders in your company how technology can enhance and transform the business, and before you know it you’ll be included in high-level conversations about future planning. Stephen Sims is the General Manager – Sales and Marketing at Brennan IT.