26 Apr 2013

The future of TV – Apps instead of channels, no remote controls, more screens.

Netflix, the American company providing on-demand Internet streaming to countries around the world (but not yet Australia) has released a statement that outlines how they see the future of television. In a nutshell, Netflix sees Internet TV completely replacing ‘linear’ TV in the coming years; This means that there will be no need to wait for your favourite show to come on at 8:30pm, rather a subscription based app will be available on your TV and all content will be retrieved ‘on-demand’. With the rise of smart TVs around the world, the increasing speed of internet connections and the growth of Internet TV subscriptions in the United States in particular, it’s not hard to see the eventual shift that will follow. In Australia we have apps already available like iView (catch up TV run by the ABC) and SBS On Demand, but we are yet to have something as all-encompassing as a Netflix-style application. While you are able to bluff your way into a Netflix subscription as an Australian with a little Google searching, Quickflix remains our Netflix substitute, but it still not available on all smart TV platforms (LG being an obvious exclusion). So while the future looks bright for our TV watching needs, we are still a fair way behind the rest of the world.