11 Jul 2016

Cloud series: easing your concerns

Last month we looked at things you can do to prepare for a smooth transition to the Cloud, mitigating risk from the outset. We’d now like to take a deeper look into some of the most talked about concerns and set the story straight on what are really just myths.

Myth: Shared services means shared risk

Your cloud services (compute, data, networking and so on) will inevitably share physical servers with other businesses.

Cloud-hosted systems are natively designed to offer ‘logical content isolation’ that is to say that one virtual server has no knowledge of another residing on a physical host. Network addressing is setup such that only servers that are supposed to talk to each are able to do so and this routing is not visible on the outside of the cloud network perimeter.

Most Cloud services are protected from external attacks at their Internet perimeter by Next generation firewalls that are typically more capable and advanced than those utilised by most SMB organisations. The combination of the security technology and large highly skilled service teams often translates to a higher level of default security offered by shared Cloud services relative to the traditional in-house counterpart.

Myth: 100% cloud is best

Many providers would like to have you believe that migrating our entire IT environment to the Cloud is the answer to all of our problems and in some cases this can be true. However, at Brennan IT, we know there are many instances in which a hybrid cloud solution offers more control, better security and improved financial outcome.

Our approach is a workload based design, some workloads have higher productivity and lower expenses when they sit in the in the cloud, but there are definitely some functions, for example print services, that are still better suited to an on premise server.  By combining your existing infrastructure with a hosted cloud solution, you can have the best of both worlds.

Do your homework carefully and be sure to consult with any existing or prospective service providers about their hybrid cloud solutions before making your final decision.

Myth: Hosted services are set-and-forget

Moving to Cloud services doesn’t mean you can suddenly forget about IT. For all that a hosted service takes away most of the daily work of running your IT infrastructure, you’ll still need a team to operate the software that runs on the infrastructure and user group policies.

If security concerns are stopping you from taking the next step in the adoption of Cloud services why not get in touch? We love to talk and we’re here to help.

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