15 Jun 2015

The Buzz Live: Technology Disruption And How It Benefits Your Business

Disruptive technology is all around us, and our recent Buzz Live event demonstrated just how transformational technology will be over the next couple of years. We would like to thank everyone for attending the event and giving us the opportunity to show how innovation can be driven through your business with the use of technology.

At this year’s Buzz Live, there were presentations from veteran technology journalists Steven Kiernan and Brad Howarth, as well as presentations from representatives from CommVault, HP, Huawei and Microsoft, before wrapping up with Brennan IT Managing Director, Dave Stevens.

It is fitting that these companies were the ones to present at an event all about innovation. Networking, the Cloud and having robust, fast and efficient storage are all crucial elements of the modern businesses’ IT infrastructure. Organisations are collecting and using more data than ever before and because of this, businesses of all sizes and scales are turning to market leaders in technology innovation to help them handle, digest and use the data for competitive differentiation.

We’ve seen the way Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb and Uber have disrupted their industries, and the ability to be the disruptor is a direct outcome of the way that each is using technology. Without Netflix’s ability to use customer data to offer subscribers tailored streams of recommended films and TV series, it would never have developed the value proposition it has for providing viewers with an endless stream of content. Without a technology-based logistics operation behind it, Amazon would never have grown into the default retail marketplace for users globally and were it not for Uber’s clever app, it would never have been able to encourage people away from traditional taxi services.

All industries are facing technology-driven disruption and while it’s a scary thought at first, it can be an opportunity for those businesses willing to make the investment to be disruptive themselves. In many ways, Australian businesses are in the best position they’ve ever been in. Leveraging the power of the Internet, they’re reaching a global audience well beyond the relatively small domestic population. Australian businesses are finding it easier than ever to find and retain customers, build overseas partnerships and create opportunities to scale. Many of these opportunities come without the mega-investment in technologies that many initially assume and getting started with Cloud-based innovation is not the prohibitively expensive process that many believe it to be.

The challenge that many businesses face, especially SME’s, is that they’re not sure how to make those first steps and what investments they need in order to be disruptors. The technology space is filled with jargon and new ideas are constantly being brought to the table, from 3D printing to The Internet of Things, to wearables and Big Data. Technology investment can get expensive when businesses try to invest in everything, without strategic thought into how it will build on or improve their business operations.

This is why finding the right technology partner is so important. Having a service and technology supplier with the capabilities to understand your business, that can offer timely and strategic advice on investments to improve productivity and efficiency, is more important now than ever before.

This was the central idea and purpose of the Buzz Live events. We wanted to show our customers some of the most innovative technologies and transformations that the IT industry is enabling at the moment, and in the process provide them with ideas for conversations they can have with us and our vendor partners in order to take their businesses to the next level.

We hope the event was of value and welcome any feedback from those that attended and ideas for future events. We have also set up a gallery below of the events photos from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Sydney Buzz Live Event


Brisbane Buzz Live Event

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Melbourne Buzz Live

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