25 Oct 2012

The best technology toys

We are in a wonderful time in the technology industry, as we are going through the consumer cycle where all of the cool gadgets get released. With lots of new technology toys on the market, it was hard to come up with the best ones – so I broke them down into the best for home, and the best for business. I went with home first and as a bloke, I come up with a couple.  The kids would say that the Xbox is the coolest gadget.  But I am more along the lines of Kinect, as I can’t wait for the day my TV remote becomes a hand gesture or then we have the robotic vacuum cleaner as man’s best friend.  Or maybe the Domino’s pizza app is actually man’s best friend? So for home, I would say:
  • No remote for switching channels – Kinect technology.
  • Apps for ordering food.
  • And a new product from iRobot called Spark which allows you to take a robot base and I just need to get drinks delivered to me.
So what about business? Well we all have tablets, iPhones and androids, but there has to be a really good option. I looked at the KT Spider Pad but it’s a bit old hack and not quite what I need.  One of the cool little gadgets that I came across is the i-Wave. It is a Bluetooth adaptor with a 30 Pin port so it allows all of those old speakers – such as in your car – to create a dock to connect to your new android or Windows 8 phone. But as a business traveller trying to get through an airport with iPad and phone all going off at once, something to consider is the HOP: the suitcase which uses Bluetooth 4 and follows you around the airport allowing both hands free to continue to work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hucNBe5sgY0 But my best friend of all the gadgets keeps my video watching, youtube crazy, kids happy. It is the Seagate mobile wireless storage unit.  With 7 hours of battery life and the ability to stream to 8 devices at the one time, all of the family can watch at once. http://www.seagate.com/au/en/external-hard-drives/portable-hard-drives/wireless/seagate-satellite/ Happy family travel! Robert Tinning is the National Sales Manager – Hardware & Software, Hardware and Software Practice at Brennan IT