09 Nov 2012

The best apps for getting around the city

Whether you are in your home town or travelling around the country, these apps will get you to where you need to go. GoCatch (Free) – Australia Wide With GoCatch you can see the location of taxis around the city and watch as your driver is approaching. You can also click on the taxi to see the rating of your driver out of 5 stars, which anyone can update at the end of their trip. TripGo Sydney (Free) – Sydney TripGo Sydney tells you the best way to get to your location based on price, time, convenience and carbon impact. It includes both public and private forms of transport as well as syncing your contacts and calendar events. It really is the most comprehensive transport app around, and they need to develop one for other Australian cities! Melbourne Airport/Sydney Airport (Free) – Melbourne and Sydney If you’re doing a lot of air travel, it doesn’t hurt to get one of the free apps available for your most consistently used airports. The Sydney Airport app in particular is easy to use, and includes ways to book transport, book parking, find shops and guides you through the terminals. All the apps of course, also give you real time updates on landings and departures. Urbanspoon (Free) – Worldwide No matter where you are travelling in the world, Urbanspoon can give you great advice on places to eat that fit your budget and craving. There is a reason that Urbanspoon is the most widely used restaurant app, with great updated content and a wide range of locations. Trip Advisor (Free) – Worldwide Need a quick place to stay? Trip Advisor app can set you up with a hotel in minutes, and you will get recommendations from real people who have stayed there. If you’re looking for hotels, B&Bs or hostels, it’s got it all, as well as handy hints on restaurants, things to do and flights.