24 May 2013

The Amazon App Store and Kindle Fire: Now available in Australia.

In March 2011, Amazon unveiled their 7-inch Android tablet and unlocked their app store content to Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, US and the UK. Now, after a very long wait, the app store is now available to Australians, following the announcement of the Australian release of the Kindle Fire HD.

The Kindle Fire will start shipping June 13, offering games, books and a wide variety of other content. Amazon are currently the 4th leading seller of tablets, despite only being available in limited places around the world.

“Not only does Kindle Fire feature advanced hardware, it’s also a service. When combined with our content ecosystem, great email and browsing and top-rated customer service, we hope people around the world will agree that Kindle Fire HD is the best tablet for an incredible price.” – Dave Limp, vice president at Amazon Kindle.