09 Jan 2014

The 4 most world-changing technology to come out of CES 2014

The year of keeping connected

CES 2014 has shown us that technology will continue on its path to integrate even more into our daily lives. The connected cars that have been shown include offerings such as laser headlights, 4G LTE connectivity, advanced entertainment systems and performance action cameras. Outside of the car, the wearable watch is also still with us after some less than impressive 2013 releases, this time looking slightly more desirable. Many focus on fitness, but smart watches come in every category and to suit almost every need.

The year of battery life

We have powerful phones and tablets with powerful applications that make our lives ever easier – but battery life remains one of the biggest problems with our increasingly mobile lives. Huawei mobile has announced that their Ascent Mate 2 4G has a battery that lasts two days, and can even charge other devices. This technology should start a trend with other phones – and even tablets – in 2014.

The year of family safety and household help

Tapping into the ever popular market for child safety, Intel has revealed a baby ‘onesie’ with an embedded chip that can be used to monitor your babies health. Information like breathing rates and temperature are taken and delivered to the parent on a coffee cup. The Robotic Mother was also launched by a French company, which can be plugged into the home network and monitor the movement, temperature and patterns of up to 24 objects or people.

The year of security

PINs and passwords may soon be a thing of the past for consumers, as we move into some viable iris detection technology. VOXX International has developed Myris, which allows users to unlock devices just by looking at the right location. Besides keeping your devices secure, your home can be safer with some interesting devices and apps – a Wi-Fi door knob tells you who is at the door via a smartphone app, and the Goji Smart lock send you a text when someone is at the door, also allowing you to let them in.