20 Mar 2012

Thankyou: World's Greatest Shave

Thank you to all who sponsored Brennan IT!

With your very kind and generous donations, we as a team raised over $28,000.

The money will be used to…

  • Educate around 7,000 patients and carers about how to live with blood cancer or a related blood disorder.
  • Provide over 1,000 regional families required to relocate for treatment, a place to call home.
  • Transport over 5,000 people to and from treatment.
  • Provide personalised emotional support and information to over 13,000 people.

So on to the big day I was Joined by Wayne De Nysschen, our CFO, in the festivities and we were both assisted by the lovely ladies Julie Cooper (left) from NewLease and Lee-Ann Rudkin (Right) from Dicker Data our highest donors.

Wayne was up first for his #1 and I couldn’t resist a bit of a go, it’s great fun of course, when your shaving someone else… not sure about when you’re getting shaved though!

Soon enough it was my turn in the hot seat, it all started out okay, but it doesn’t take long for the reality of the moment to catch up with you. Doesn’t my hair look amazing there.

Lee is doing a great job on my noggin, and soon enough my precious hair is mostly laying on the ground, with only stubble left.


But you gotta be “Brave and Shave” so Lee wasted no time, hooked into the job like a seasoned professional…


And whilst the end result wasn’t pretty, it was effective, the team raised over $28,000, we all had a great time getting into the spirit and the most important thing is that we inspired you to make a real difference in the lives of so many less fortunate than ourselves.

I’m looking forward to getting our and about in the city, around home and with clients and telling our story in explanation for why my hair has suddenly left me… A great way to spread the word about a great cause.

I think you’ll all agree that both Wayne and I look better as a result of the fundraiser and together with the Team at Brennan IT we’ve all done a great thing… So thank you for your kind support!

 To witness the entire Brennan IT Team shave their heads, please look out for the footage in the next Brennan IT Voice newsletter.

Thank you once again for your support and generous donations to the Team and the cause!