20 Sep 2011

Team building for work and pleasure

How important is team building to business success?

At Brennan IT, the answer is very – almost everything we do, we do as a team.

Because of that, we’ve learnt the value of good team building.

Done well, team building improves team leadership, problem solving, communication and productivity. It’s a boost for motivation and there’s no question in our mind that it creates groups who collaborate to get the job done.

Here are a few of our thoughts on team building and how it can strengthen your business.

Building team skills
It’s important to remember that team building isn’t simply about recreation.

Rather, it’s about honing and developing the skills, relationships and trust that teams need in order to excel.

Therefore, we try to chose activities that involve team dynamics, whether around task achievement or communication.

That said, however, fun is also a vital part of the equation because no one wants to work in teams that aren’t enjoyable to be part of.

We’ve done everything from go-carting to lawn bowls – the important part is ensuring that the enjoyment of the exercise is brought back to the work environment and sustained!

Self development
The building blocks of every team are its individuals, and, unsurprisingly, no two individuals are alike.

In our experience, the most productive team building exercises not only involve taking people outside their ‘comfort zone’, but also involve some degree of self assessment and examination.

An understanding of individuals’ strengths and weaknesses allows teams to arrange themselves into the best possible functioning units.

Self examination also allows offers team members the chance to achieve more success by focusing on their strengths while also trying to improve in the areas that come less naturally.

What do you think? Does team building work and can it bring business success?