10 Nov 2014

Talking Tech Trends: The Buzz Live Round-Up

In late October and early November, Brennan IT brought the pages of our much loved magazine ‘the Buzz’ to life. Supported by NextMedia (iTnews, CRN Secure Computing) Microsoft, HP and Huawei, we travelled to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to deliver our first ever ‘Buzz live’ event series.

The main theme for this event series was to discuss the journey organisations are taking towards business agility. We covered just how fast the business environment is changing today, driven predominantly by the consumerisation of technology and the ability to deliver business value via digital means at speeds we couldn’t have imagined in years gone by.

What we’re finding is that businesses are expected to deliver new capabilities to customers and partners at such a rate of knots that we’re beginning to question whether it’s practical to build all the systems required to satisfy these stakeholders yourselves. That’s especially true if you’re a medium-sized business, and horrendously complex if you’re a large organisation. In the meantime, the adoption of new business models, like commodity cloud computing, aided by new marketing channels via social media, has given smaller organisations unprecedented opportunity to innovate in very niche areas at great speed.

We’ve found a move away from IT defined by monolithic business applications towards a future where success will be determined by how fast you as a company can pull together dozens, perhaps hundreds of technology components to meet rapidly evolving customer needs.

To help research and orchestrate the content, a team of technology journalists from iTnews, Secure Computing, CRN and The Buzz looked back over the past six months at the key technology trends to set some context. Our aim was to present the key technology trends that we have been experiencing in Australia and provide a neat summary of the most compelling of these technologies and new business models. We asked ourselves, frankly and honestly, what will our role be, as business and technology owners, as each of them plays out.

Dave Stevens, Managing Director Brennan IT, then linked how these aforementioned technology trends are changing the face of IT departments across Australia, and what impact these changes are having both on IT departments and also the overall business and their employees. Dave was then followed by Huawei, HP and Microsoft who, in turn, took the stage to present their detailed and industry leading interpretation of the core topics. The overall agenda and conversation points of the series were as follows;

–          NextMedia: Tech Trends – What’s the Buzz?

–          Brennan IT: The Changing Face of the IT Department

–          Huawei: Disruptive Technology

–          HP: The Shifts in IT

–          Microsoft: The Journey to a More Agile Way of Working

–          ALL: Q&A

If you were unable to attend your local ‘Buzz live’ event, but would like to find out more about the topics discussed, please do not hesitate to contact your Client Manager or Business Development Manager. Alternatively, email marketing@brennanit.com.au and we can arrange for an overview of the presentations for you directly.

Prize Winners

Thank you to all of those attendees who provided us with some fantastic feedback on the events. Each of these attendees were entered in to a draw to win some fantastic prizes. The winners are as follows;

–          Nokia Lumia 930 = Winning Ticket No. 2444

–          Surface Pro 3 = Winning Ticket No. 7881

–          Huawei Ascend P7 = Winning Ticket No. 1171

–          HP EliteBook Revolve 810 Tablet = Winning Ticket No. 872

Congratulations to all of our winners.