09 Apr 2014

Support is over: Doomsday for businesses running Windows XP

ninemsn Finance, 8/4/14

For businesses upgrading to a new OS, the change doesn’t just mean capital outlay on a new version of Windows. According to Robert Chau, Brennan IT managed services practice manager, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

“You’re not just updating an operating system,” he told ninemsn. “You also have to look at legacy applications like office, point-of-sale systems and databases.”

“Upgrading from XP means that a lot of these won’t run anymore. Businesses need to plan around the cost of upgrading these and training staff to use them.”

But it’s not all cost. There could also be advantages.

“It could be an opportunity for people to improve their business processes. You can do a lot more on newer platforms and for people running older software, there could be ongoing cost savings.”

Chau says that while customers will get the best lifecycle advantages from upgrading to Windows 8.1, an upgrade to Windows 7 will mean a gentler learning for staff because of the similar user interface to XP.

He did however warn that not upgrading could place companies at risk as far as their compliance requirements around protecting their customers’ personal information.

“The latest privacy act really does put people still on XP at risk for compliance. Having no new security updates makes them vulnerable to compromise,” he said.

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