25 Jan 2012

Successfully operating across multiple offices

One of the challenges when a business becomes successful is growing it in different markets.

Establishing physical offices in different states and cities means that business processes, business information and (more intangibly) a business’s culture, now have to operate across geographic boundaries.

What tools and strategies can help a multi-office business to stay on the same page?


At Brennan IT, we maintain physical offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle.

There are many aspects to making a business succesful across multiple sites, but we think one of the most important is information sharing.

Exactly what this means will depend on the nature of your business, but a secure, business-wide network capable of supporting an intranet and file distribution is an absolute must.

Collaboration and interaction tools help to ensure that the business is of one mind, allowing information and ideas to be drawn from across the enterprise, not simply from within the confines of one particular office.


Easy communication is vital for inter-office success. Unified Communication is one technology that has a huge up-side for businesses operating in different geographic regions, providing everyone with a single phone number, delivering instant messaging and keeping everyone up-to-date about one another’s activities through real-time presence reporting.

Video conferencing is another important tool. Some smaller operations can meet their needs via Skype, but managed solutions have a lot to offer mid-to-large companies, with many setting aside dedicated meeting rooms in each office that can be instantly linked up – saving on air fares, carbon emissions and –  most importantly – time.

What do you think? Do you have any tips for keeping offices in different cities on the same page?

Robin Marchant is National Marketing Manager, Brennan IT