30 Apr 2012

Spotlight on voice services

Mid-market companies are continually searching for ways to streamline their activities and reduce costs.

As a fast-changing technology with a high level of innovation, voice services offer the potential for both.

From Unified Communications, to IP telephony and PABX, businesses now have a huge range of options for voice solutions, almost all of which are increasingly delivering better service and features and at lower costs.

Streamlining communication

Today, voice services are about much more than simple phone calls. The level of integration between your voice systems and the rest of your business infrastructure can have a powerful impact on productivity across the board.

Unified Communications services, for example, are a ready shortcut to lower overheads and more efficient systems.

Reducing costs

To get the best price on voice services, we advise mid-market businesses to reevaluate their solutions at least annually, if not more often.

Our commitment is to save businesses between 20 to 30% on voice rates*, but just as important as cost (especially where IP Telephony is involved) is service quality and SLAs.

Businesses should also consider how services are charged, with OpEx-funded models allowing for per-handset pricing and minimal capital expenditures.

To discover more about the services we offer, see our managed telephony, voice solutions and unified communications products. Or for some tailored advice, contact one of our experts today.

*Terms and conditions apply