05 Jul 2012

Spotlight on video conferencing

Work patterns are changing. There are more people on the move and more of us are working from home. Outside the business, customers are coming to expect higher levels of engagement and stronger relationships. Communication technologies are both enabling and responding to these changes – and one technology that businesses are increasingly turning to is video conferencing. They’re doing this firstly to save costs. A Sydney to Melbourne flight might cost at minimum $200, for example, whereas a video conference will cost a fraction of that – with new cameras and systems meaning that the difference between video and face-to-face communication is becoming ever slighter. The second reason businesses are taking up video conferencing is the productivity and efficiency dividends it brings. Video conferencing is more than just video, and being able to communicate between offices – and even with suppliers – makes more meetings more productive. One of the best ways to get the most from video conferencing is by electing a managed service. These provide professionally set up, maintained and managed solutions with multi-function capabilities for linking multiple locations simultaneously, with document sharing features and more. In addition to productivity, team building and travel savings, there are big environmental benefits as well. If your business might benefit – or you’d like to see the technology in action – why not contact a member of our video services team.   Geoff Croshaw is Brennan IT’s Unified Communications and Mobility Practice Manager.