04 Jun 2012

Spotlight on project services

Whether it’s a desktop rollout or the configuration of a new server cluster, project success boils down to good management. At Brennan IT, we believe that we’re well-practised experts when it comes to project management – so much so that we’re prepared to guarantee fixed-cost results. We can do so because we’ve developed a range of successful project methodologies, and we understand that quality results don’t occur without hard work, as well as the systems and controls to guide it. From network upgrades, to migrations, and once-off projects, we’ve learned how to balance business objectives with technical needs, and have helped businesses across Australia do what they need to, on time and on budget. Even in the face of increasing complexity in IT systems and infrastructures, the experience embedded in our methodologies continues to produce results. Our project teams understand the importance of communication with our clients, and we employ a combination of personal and automated interactions to keep clients abreast of our progress – including which deliverables have been met, which are pending, what percentage have been completed and where the project sits overall. If your business has a project that needs to be delivered on time and on budget, contact one of our project experts to discuss how we can help.