25 Mar 2012

Spotlight on disaster recovery

From a business perspective, a disaster isn’t only a flood or a fire, it can also be a critical IT incident or other disruption.

Thanks to prohibitive costs, some mid-market companies maintain only ‘backup’ (as opposed to recovery) regimes, hoping that a disaster will never strike.

The downside of that approach is that by the time a backup is restored, customers may have been forced by necessity to move their business elsewhere. To retain them, the key is to have services back online as quickly as possible.

Fast recovery is something that’s now much more affordable and easier to implement thanks to cloud technologies. By backing up your business infrastructure to the cloud, DR to the cloud slashes recovery, with service restorations within anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours. It also offers:

Easy deployment.

DR to the Cloud deploys alongside existing systems with its network traffic kept separate from production systems.

Non-disruptive testing.

Testing disaster recovery solutions has been notoriously hard in the past. But DR to the Cloud allows recovery plans to be proven without disrupting production systems.

Superior performance.

Did you know that IDC estimates that 30% of tape backups are incomplete or corrupt? DR provides proven reliability and is backed by a guaranteed SLA.

DR to the cloud’s monthly pay-per-use pricing model also allows your business to fund its disaster recovery solution as a scalable operational expense, with minimal up front investment.

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Stephen Sims is General Manager Sales & Marketing, Brennan IT

*** Article featured in the March 2012 edition of the voice ***