29 Jan 2015

Brennan IT launches new services to deliver customers greater value

At Brennan IT, we are always finding new ways to enhance the customer experience. We do this with the understanding that it’s important we continue to build out our product portfolio to address customer needs, so we can in turn help our customers stay ahead of the competitive curve.

With this in mind, we have been listening to our clients feedback and working hard to enhance our services, to ensure they remain an industry-leading, robust, and rounded solution that can address the needs of our customers across all industry verticals, and of all sizes.

Some of the enhancements we have made recently include:

  • New client portal extranet. We use this as a way of enhancing our communications with all of our customers, in providing a centralised location for our customers to access all of the documents in our partnership with them. The convenient portal hosts monthly meeting notes and action items, as well as copies of contracts and project documentation. This in turn ensures our communications with you is efficient and productive, with no potential for lost documents. Further, it also provides accountability and clarity with what we are doing for you with all of our meeting notes and action items listed in there for clarity.
  • CIO score card. We already provide our Managed Services customers with in-depth reporting on their IT environments and offer strategy consultation, but the deck of reports can be both time consuming and confusing. To help customers understand the overall IT strategy and execution at a glance, we now provide them with a “score card” which is a one-page summary with the most pertinent information on it that outlines the key metrics of the service. It is something that our customers have been asking for a while now, and we’re happy to be able to continue evolving our reporting process.
  • IT Road Map Sessions. Brennan IT is well known within the industry for taking a proactive approach to our customers and their technology road map. We keep an eye on both technology and market trends, and we then do a whiteboarding session with our clients to help them understand the best course of action. This was something that we had previously offered to our customers, but on an ad hoc basis. Now within Managed IT Services, we have a formalised way of approaching consultation and partnership with our customers.
  • Cloud management portal available to our customers. We are rolling out the Brennan IT Cloud Management Portal mid-February to our all our cloud customers, providing them with greater visibility, control and anytime access reporting on their cloud environment. With environments becoming increasingly complex and more organisations adopting a hybrid cloud approach to IT, having easy access to information that provides an overview of their environment is one of the most requested features of many of our customers. Now, with the Cloud Management Portal, customers will have an instant bird’s-eye view of what their infrastructure and IT environment looks like both in the cloud and on premise.

And as always, we encourage feedback into how we can further enhance our managed services to meet the needs of our customers, as we continue to build out the service even further.